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What is a star seed – Star Seeds, Star Children and ET Walk In’s

what are starseeds
Star Seed






What is a Star Seed?


Definition of Star Seed: A star born. A projection of an extraterrestrial being in a human body. Star = From the stars = extra terrestrial being. Seed = Semen, Birth.

star seed planets

The term Star Seed explains how ET’s come to earth through procreation, thus are not real earth borns, they are star borns.

Pretty much all sources online don’t properly explain what a Star Seed is. Information is hard to find. The brief claims circulating the web are that:

Star Seeds are incarnated souls who originate from other planets, or Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets.

Both of these statements are true, but in a very literal sense.

A real Star Seed has come to earth directly from their home planet. They were alive before they were born, and in * most cases their ET body still is alive.

Brief Summary: 

  • Star Seeds are ET’s from another planet.
  • Their real families are on other planets.
  • In *most cases they are still alive in their other bodies.
  • They have the decision to go back to their ET civilization once their assignment is done here.
  • They are simply projections inside a human body.
  • Star Seed does not refer to someone who used to be incarnated as an ET, but rather someone who is right now an ET being. 

* Most Extra Terrestrial beings are ascended masters and are no longer limited to one physical form, nor do they have to physically die in order to be somewhere else. So if you are a star seed, chances are you are still alive on your home planet, even possibly in many places. The soul is expansive and large enough to be in more than one place, and even if you are not an ET, the possibility that you could be more than one incarnation is still possible.

So the term originate from the stars, is meant very literally. This is why Star Seeds have been known to have more struggles than most, because they can miss their families, they might feel abandoned, they might feel as if they don’t belong here, and life on Earth may not make sense to them.

Random Facts About Star Seeds: 

– Some Star Seeds do view earth as their home and love it dearly.

Return Path To The Stars

Return Path To The Stars

– Most Star Seeds that are here, are here for important reasons regarding assisting in earth changes or humanity.
– In order for a Star Seed to be born, one or both earth surrogate parent’s need to have extraterrestrial DNA/genes. They are meant to stay with their Star Seed parent’s during their life on earth, as their parent’s should be very supportive to them.

– Many have had to experience various incarnations on earth in order to prepare for this lifetime. But some like myself, are very new souls here to earth and have only had a few prior lives on earth to get used to the degree of suffering. Typically those like myself are rare. Where I come from I’m considered a very experienced being so I was able to master it in less time than most.
– Terms don’t matter, we are all important and equal in the grand scheme of things. In general, we all are related and interconnected. But Star Seed simply refers to a being that lives on another planet and is not an earthling.


Why Are There Star Seeds Here? what is a starseed

Since the beginning of time there have been tons of ET races that have loved earth and who have even lived on earth before. Many Star Seeds feel that earth is their home. Many simply care deeply about saving the earth. Some are more dedicated to helping humans through their transformations. Most are here to complete assignments for their home councils and families aboard Star Ships, and are here to start the beginning of a new age, and to open the doors for their family to come down here with them, or to bring something back to their planet.
It’s not the first time Earth has cycled into a higher ascension and all its beings have figured out they are equally as beautiful and ascended and have been both assisted and united with by higher ascended beings from both different planets, and different dimensions. But this cycle is quitedifferent than the last ones, and the reason why there are so many beings involved is because of that.

ET beings are not the only beings in the entirety of all that is. And many, many people here on earth are going to be waking up into the realization of ALL that they are, to realize they are related to so many beings, and that even most of their spirit guides are not as “distant” as they once thought.

The goal is for star seeded and non star seeded human vessels to ascend and become all that they are.
To be major light beacons to light up the way for their “spirit” families to find them to unite. To act as messengers between the two worlds. To ultimately assist in bringing heaven down to earth.


Now is the time where Gods shall Walk the Earth

ET’s and inter-dimensional beings all around are beginning to show up on earth.

  • First they are born as children. (Star children and other special children)
  • And all around the world humans are waking up into their inner power. We very literally are “gods”
  • Many are already here disguised as human. Some are using invisibility auras.
  • And soon enough more will be revealed…


How do you know you are a Star Seed? are you a starseed

The best way to figure out if you are a Star Seed or not, is to listen to your own heart knowing and higher self, or learn from your trusted guides who love you and are there to encourage, teach and support you.

You might resonate with the stars, you might remember past lives on other planets, you might even communicate with ET beings but none of these things mean you are a Star Seed per say, because the term Star Seed means you are an ET being now, and not just in the past.

Yet you can still be a soul straight form the death realm, with more resonation to other planets, and your purpose here may not be any different than a Star Seed’s purpose. The only difference is that a general Star Seed has not come from death. They were in the middle of another life before they came here, so it’s why a lot of Star Seeds have a tough time here.

You may not even have any resonation towards aliens or the universe throughout your life if you are a Star Seed. There may not even be any signs at all, until you remember who you are.

When you have been revealed the truth, you may remember your other life. You may even have glimpses of your other life.
You won’t have past life memories of your home planet, but memories that happened a few seconds ago. It will feel like a very short time ago that you have been on earth, because on your home planet, time is not the same as here. Years go by here, but only a short time has gone by there.

Your memories of your home and family, won’t be like past memories, it will be like it has happened a few seconds ago. By this point you might have even mastered your spiritual abilities and will be able to go there to visit them and to be united with your ET soul mate, loved ones and parent’s.

The only two general signs are that life here is very tough for Star Seeds, and they are exceptionally spiritually gifted. But this too can describe practically anyone.

The only way you can know for sure is when you’ve awakened into the remembrance of what you are, and as you remember these things, thus you will know.

Everyone is waking up into the remembrance of what they are at their own pace, and it’s unique and special that everyone is at different levels, with their own beautiful purposes as they awake from their life dreams.

And as you are slowly quickened into your own growth, you will be revealed more information’s about who you are as you are ready. Paradigm shifts and embracing new knowledge come gently so as not to overwhelm us.

But it’s been speeding up enough so as ascension does not take millions of years like it would have in the past.

ET Walk Ins Walk In Souls

An ET Walk In is exactly the same thing as a Star Seed, the only difference is a Walk In comes into a human body later on in the human’s life.

Just like a Star Seed, a Walk In Soul most times is not dead, seeing as ET beings are mostly very ascended and advanced beings and do not have to die physically to change forms.

There are different types of Walk In’s, a few for example:

Soul Exchange: The ET being takes over the body and the original soul leaves.

Soul Braid: The ET projection becomes one with the current host.

Stasis Walk In: Your ET self is under Stasis aboard a Star Ship and you are simulating your consciousness into a human body.

For example I am both a Star Seed and a Stasis Walk in, and a Soul Braid and I am sure I’ve had more souls than that. It is more common than people think, to be *more than one of these terms.

* Our souls, before we have been alive, are so big they could be the entire universe if we so chose. Many of us decide to be many things at once. Many of us decide to split ourselves in many pieces for reasons. Many of us decide to come together as one again. We can even be our Soul Mates, live lives as each other… It’s one reason why there is so much confusion between Soul Mates and Twin Flames.


Star Children star children

A star child in ancient days used to refer to the offspring of an ET being or a god and a human being.

In modern days it is used to describe the newest Star Seeds or those that have never before incarnated on earth before! The absolute NEWEST star children are nicknamed the Super Psychic Children.

These children have extreme psychic abilities, like being able to walk through walls. It is said that the children are always the first to be effected in ascension, women next, and males last. These children with extreme talents are popping up all over the world right now and are even being examined by science.

They are considered very special because these star seeds have big purposes and are being born with the skin (DNA) of the old, or new, whichever way you want to look at it.

It basically means they are starting the next generations of the new ascended DNA.


Light-Body And Light Worker 

The term light body is used to describe a lot of things in new age beliefs now,
but it originally refers to your Star Seed Light Projection – the ET you that is just a projection into this body.
So not everyone has a light-body in this sense, only ET’s or other inter-dimensional visitors that take human form.
Hence the term Light-Body = simulation projection of light, like a hologram.

Original humans that are earth born have souls, and their higher self is within them, they are full souls.

But a Star Seed or Walk In does not have their entire soul directly within them, instead they have light body projections of their soul, and their soul is split in half, and in their other body. Half souls.
The term “activate your light-body self” means wake up and blend your human body and any other souls you have inside you, with your light body star seed self.


Light – Worker

This is just a new age term and has nothing to do with ET beings, though many star seeds can be light-workers. It describes someone who is a healer and has a great purpose of illuminating darkness into light, which means a better term would be Dark Worker.
Some people who claim to be light-workers don’t do anything but fiddle around with light, but this doesn’t really do anything in the grand sceme of things.
A real light worker is someone who is not afraid to venture into dark places and spread love and light. This helps heal the world and those who suffer.

The Crystalline Grid or Ley Lines

The Crystalline Grid or Ley Lines

Crystalline Grid

Everyone and everything is connected to the Crystalline Grid, otherwise known as ley lines.

The grid has somehow been blamed on ET beings (which is why I’m bringing it up), but it is not something we created. It is a beautiful and powerful force of nature – more so, the magic creation of the universe and God. It is the magnetic force that binds everything on earth together.
However, your ancient ancestors learned how to harness the beautiful energy and power of these lines. Many ancient cultures still use these lines today, like in feng shui.

Some people seem to forget that ET’s are not gods. We are just other beings in the unlimited universe, just like you. We are relatives, family. We do not control the universe, and we do not control you either.

This grid is responsible for cyclical time. This means it is responsible for bringing the earth in and out of alignment, more so it’s attached to the earth and the earth and this grid are highly living entities, and since it connects and binds and magnetizes everything, it is connected to you too, thus is responsible for your ascension and descension along with the earth.
I’m rewording that. All 3 things form a trinity, the earth, the grid and you (creatures of earth) – all 3 need to come together in harmony in order to create a loving balance, thus all 3 things are responsible for ascension.
I just meant, without the crystallin grid, ascension would be impossible.


Crystallin Gene starseed

Definition of Crystallin: Metabolic structural protein found in the human body – basically it is one of the building blocks in our DNA that keeps every organ alive. We also have crystallin in the Crystallin Lens of our eyeballs. Apatite crystals that are found in our bones and teeth (A common complex mineral consisting of calcium fluoride phosphate or calcium chloride phosphate; a source of phosphorus.) There is a recognition and resonance between the earth crystals and the “bio” crystals of the human body, including cell salts, protein crystals found in lymphatic cells, fatty tissue, red and white blood cells and even calcite micro-crystals found in the pineal gland.

What this means, is that we are very closely related to crystals, because everything is practically made up of crystals. For example quartz crystals are living solid beings that can store information – connected to everything in earth and in the human body, and all crystals in nature and in the human body are assisting in ascension.

  • – We are all distantly related to ET beings, as our star nation ancestors.
  • – But a long time ago our DNA was pure and crystalline, and since crystals vibrate at such a high frequency, we were higher frequency then.
  • – Due to evolution and time the original crystalline gene is not as evident in everyone.
  • – It is coming back, and as we rise in consciousness, our DNA is going to become crystallin again.
  • – The crystallin gene is more strong in the human bodies that ET beings choose to project their consciousness into – because most ET beings also vibrate at that high of crystal frequency and in order to project into a body, it needs to have a strong basic system of crystal gene.

Another interesting thing I found, is that as my DNA activated, I actually had light crystals inserted into my body that helped the process.






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