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How To Meet Your Spirit Guides

I am going to write a series of posts on how to meet your spirit guides. This will be a comprehensive guide for beginners. For those of you who are interested in learning how to meet your own spirit guides or angels you have come to the right place, feel free to bookmark this site or subscribe to Stellar Beam for updates.

In this helpful series: It will cover an introduction, answers to common questions as well as things I have helped other people with during their own spiritual journeys to meet their spirit guides, as well as assignments and lessons to help you on your spiritual journey.

I am grateful to be a part of your journey to meeting your spirit guides! Let us begin by taking a look at:

Why Should I Contact My Spirit Guide or Angel?

You certainly do not have to. Having a close relationship with your spirit guide is not a prerequisite of spirituality. There are many people who live their spiritual journey’s wonderfully without ever knowing who there spirit guide is. If you are very comfortable with your spirituality or faith you may have a question about whether or not contacting spirit guides is a form of idol worship. So let us clear that up right away! Spirit guides and angels are not meant to be replacements of our higher powers, they are messengers between us and God. My spiritual consciousness benefits from humility – being humble. I view my spirit guides as all knowing beautiful wise beings and I respect them, yet that does not mean I forget about my higher power. I have an understanding of interconnectedness and oneness, and believe the Divine exists in everything.

Our spirit guides are mentors, teachers, beautiful friends and loving supports. Having a close relationship with your spirit guide can benefit your spiritual journey greatly, they can help you learn to live in your highest good, they can even heal you. The list is unending of all the things your spirit guide could offer you. They will all have their own unique gifts as well as personalities.

If you are reading this, then your spirit guides and angels are so excited right now that you are thinking of taking the steps to meeting them! The first time I visited my spirit guides, it was the most beautiful, loving and welcoming experience I have ever felt. I had never felt that much love before. It was like stepping into a room full of beings who loved me immensely, I felt I knew them on some level, and had missed for thousands of years. They were dancing and celebrating, laughing and having a really good time! Some of them even made funny remarks such as, “about time!”

What Is A Spirit Guide?

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A spirit guide is a loving spirit being that has been assigned to support you and take care of you on your life path. They are beautiful loving beings that have taken the service of being messengers between us and to our higher power, and everything in between.

  • Our spirit guides are all unconditionally loving beings.
  • A spirit guide is not a random low frequency spirit.
  • They have all the patience and unconditional love in the universe
  • There is nothing we can do to hurt their feelings
  • They are heavenly beings of loving high frequencies and they have those characteristics, which means they do not view our mistakes as mistakes
  • A spirit guide is positive and loving
  • A spirit guide is never negative, and will never make you feel negative
  • If you have a negative experience, it is not your spirit guide, it is your own ego mind getting in the way of the experience, and you have personal work to do
  • They are amazing loving friends. If you decide not to listen to their advice – that is fine with them!
  • Spirit guides can also have great sense of humors, as it is said, “laughter is the best medicine!” You may find your spirit guide lightens up situations with humor or positive and upbeat things.
  • They can provide us with love and support along our life paths, they can help us, heal us, and are always there for us.
  • Your own spirit guides, will be able to offer you their own unique and amazing teachings and gifts.
  • Your spirit guides are very excited you are taking the steps to meeting them!

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Who Is Your Spirit Guide? What would your Spirit Guide be or look like?

There are unlimited numbers of different high frequency loving beings out there.

Your spirit guide can be anything, and can look like anything. They can come in all shapes and forms. They can be angelic beings, ascended masters, deities, human, your own ancestors or loved ones, pets, magical creatures, loving extraterrestrial beings, animal spirits, to everything in between! Yes they can even be mythological creatures. But all of them are high frequency. This means they all vibrate on much higher frequencies than us (they are source energy) and are unconditionally loving beings and would never do anything to harm you. A low frequency spirit is not a spirit guide and I do not at all support communication with low frequency spirits.

All high frequency spirit guides are wonderful and offer amazing guidance special to our life paths and journeys. Your own spirit guide will be unique, loving and amazing, and will communicate with you in the best way to suit your natural needs. It is also good to realize, that a high frequency being can take on any form or appearance it wishes to, and we may often find, that our spirit guides may take on certain forms to communicate to us what we need during any given time.

Does my spirit guide help other people too?

All of us have at least one personal guide, who has taken the service of guiding just ourselves, and personal spirit guides are the most beautiful close relationships you can have. We can use our guides to assist in healing other people, or ask them to heal a place on earth, and they will still be around us and guiding as at the same time they are somewhere else. Time and travel is unordinary and unlimited in spirit.

Can I Learn From Any High Frequency Being?

We can also call upon any guide we wish, either ascended masters, animal guides, or famous ascended people, any loving spirit we would like to learn from, these ascended beings help many people all over the globe. Upon calling you can be direct upon who you would like to visit with, or you can simply ask for a guide who is knowledgeable in a certain area you need assistance with. There are countless high frequency beings that have taken the service to be of assistance to all people.

Can My Spirit Guide Be A Lost Loved One?

Personal spirit guides, such as passed on loved ones and relatives, or ancestors may be looking after us too! Even our pets. Long lost relatives can often be very supportive. We may even just have family dropping in on us to see how we are doing.
Our spirit guides can get around to explore the unlimited universe – they can be in multiple places at one time, and it is often amusing asking them how they spend their time in all these places.
You may experience that you have a spirit guide that someone else has guiding them.

There are also spirit guides that may come and go, whom just drop in to help with a certain area or period of your life. Yet you can always call to these guides whenever you want, they will never abandon you.

Did my spirit guide abandon me?

A common question I am frequently asked is if spirit guides abandon you. The answer is no. There are many people I have encountered whom are going through phases in their spiritual journeys, where they can no longer sense their spirit guides around them, and they take it as a sign their spirit guide has left them. This will never happen – your spirit guide is always with you. Even if your spirit guide has just helped you with one lesson, all you have to do is ask and they will be there for you again, whenever you want. Don’t think they are too busy with other things, in spirit, time is not like it is here, they can be in million places at once.

It always comes down to you – you are not able to see them right now, you are feeling disconnected, it is not them and they are always right there with you. A lot of people often become worried about this. I hope that I can reassure you that it is your own inability to sense them for whatever reason. We will touch on more of that later.

There are some people who believe that if you do not ask a spirit guide to be in your life, then they will not intervene. I however do not believe this at all from my own personal experience. I know spirit guides are always there. I know they are even more excited than we are to be in our lives! I do however know that they know what is in our highest good and that not all times will they intervene because it is in our highest good to learn life lessons. Sometimes when people experience not being able to sense their spirit guides, it is because their spirit guide knows something better for them that is in their best interest.

Other than that, it comes down to not being able to sense them. It happens to the best of us. A spiritual journey is much like a roller coaster, and you will experience ups and downs, this also includes times where your ability to sense them is open and clear, as well as times you will be more grounded to earth and not be able to sense them as well. So please do not blame your spirit guides! Not that they will mind as they understand, but because it is such a sad thing for you to go through believing your spirit guide has left you. They will never leave you. If you cannot sense them, you can still talk to them – they will hear!

Stay tuned for more of this series. There will be a few more introduction posts coming, and then we can get into some lessons. You may have heard me refer to them as “spirit guides” and may have thought, “does she mean I could have more than one spirit guide?”  The answer is yes. In the next post we will look further into that. ♥

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  1. andrea

    My sprit guide has sent me out into the night to watch the metor shower but the mistchive sprit in my home has hiden all the things I felt I need to be out here alone. So now she selected your site because I’ve ask God to help me meet my sprit guide to find my way in this life of why I’m here. And I don’t want to be loney any more. He sent a man to conferm everything God’s the Holy Sprit has been teaching me abot the Feds being in the 30 planes I watched come over my home one night and there out again tonight. But I’m out here and need advice how not to be afraid. As a preteen I saw The Lord come for me but I was afraid because I was sick and he held out his arms and said only one word to me. If you have a sprit guide that can help me or if you can help me see them again ask your angel to tell you what The Lord spoke to me so i’ll know your the one to help me. I’m so afrid of doing something against The Lord I need to know your spirt your own sprit is not going to lead me into evil. I know an evil sprit could maybe tell you too but my guide selected your site when I droped my phone your site was already selected. Did they do that too. Soooo much spiritual things keep going on with me today I’ve been overwhelmed by so much information that its like haveing ADHD

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