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Is My Spirit Guide Evil?

 Is My Spirit Guide Evil?

Dear Beginners, your spirit guides love you…

Common experiences: My angels or guides hate me. My angels and guides are not supportive. I had a terrifying experience with my angels or guides. I think my spirit guides are actually demons.

Try to honestly catch yourself whenever you fall into these traps…..

please do not fret, you are only misinterpreting the essence of what they say to you, your angels and guides are never hostile – they love you dearly and will only say supportive and loving things, it is your own mind which misconstrues the situation, your ego and logic mind are creating the negativity, as well as blowing it out of proportion. It is not them; you still have a long way to go in your learning process of communicating and receiving their messages without letting your own mind interfere.
Please do not be so hard on yourself, this journey of learning to understand them properly takes patience and growth, and we all mistaken what our guides say at times, even those who have years of experience or natural gifts. When communicating with them, we must have our minds, souls, and hearts open, and have none of our own thoughts and shadows with us.

 Is My Spirit Guide Evil?
Your own subconscious views of yourself can come to the surface, it’s a significant part of the journey, your angels have no share in those negative views, but they can support you through it.

When we begin to open up a spiritual relationship, often our shadows come to the surface so we can let go, move on and move on to higher stages of our spiritual growth. And this is a good thing, perhaps you can use this opportunity to work on what is bothering you, and release those shadows. At times our angels and guides, will test us for our spiritual growth, by supporting us, and having us presented with some of our fears so we can get through them. Many people often do not like these processes.

You were not in an open enough space to truly comprehend what they were telling you. When a angel or guide says it is your fault you are suffering (they would never word it like that only your mind would), it means a lot more than that, it means they have faith that we can let go, it means we do have control over our situation, that we have the support to change.

They urge us on to work on our “stuff”, they do not view obstacles as negative, they view them as amazing tools to bring us higher on our spiritual path. We have to change our perspectives and be in a positive head space, or we will always misconstrue situations. Our angels never talk down to us. When they give us advice on what to do, it is always for our own good, and they are supportive about it. If it sounds negative, you are misreading it. It sounds to me like you also got yourself into a negative space by asking yourself awful questions, expecting awful answers.

love and creation2 Is My Spirit Guide Evil?
We all make mistakes, and that is life. Our angels and spirit guides do not judge our mistakes, they know how it is humans act, they are supportive, and in fact they usually just have a good laugh when we make mistakes, they are very loving and sometimes humorous, and they much appreciate it when we are able to see from that view and are able to laugh at ourselves once in awhile. I assure you, even if you accidentally punch one of them in the face trying to astral travel, it may embarrass you, you may feel so bad, but later on when you can really hear them, you will sit down with them, and just laugh with them about all the mistakes you ever made. They are patient, they have unconditional love, they have witnessed more horrible mistakes than you could ever make yourself, and they don’t mind, it’s not the way they are, they are there to guide. There are times they may try to urge you to see how “small” your “problems” are, but they know you still have free will, they will never force us into anything, they will only suggest, and there may be frustrating times they take you into your shadows to support you through them, they are guides, loving guides, they can help us on our processes.

Been there done that, been where you are, and I’ve also had worse misconceptions, (one time i even falsely accused my angel of being a demon) I’ve shouted profanities at them, I’ve gotten into huge battles, complaints, being a real jerk, not understanding why they do the things they do, thinking at times they were acting with no sympathy, I was horribly stubborn and not reading them right, they had to become very upfront and lay it down to me, there were times they made me cry, there were times they made me laugh, there were times they pulled out my shadows from me and held a mirror to my face and showed me abruptly what I was doing wrong because I was so stubborn and not wanting to see it, but it was all part of MY spiritual growth and it was necessary for me to get through, it was not their fault. I got through it and realized how much of a jerk I was being, was able to let go, laugh at it, apologized to them numerous times, and comprehended everything they do is out of love, and for my highest good. Times when i am cleared, it is all love, and it is all real.

 Is My Spirit Guide Evil?
I messed up frequently, always misinterpreting what they did and blaming them for my own issues. It’s not them – We should never blame our angels and guides for our own difficulties understanding them, or for our own shadows coming up – not that they are hurt or offended by it, but because we should take responsibility for our actions as it helps us grow.

Don’t give up. I’m sure we’ve all been there, feeling betrayed by something we mistake for happening with our guides, and if someone says they haven’t I wouldn’t believe them icon wink Is My Spirit Guide Evil? It’s a beautiful thing, just know that your own mind and past hurts can interfere, and I would recommend sorting through the issues, which have come up for you, that process in itself can bring you far.

Trust your angels,
I wish you luck, send you lots of blessings and light, hope this is of help to you, the process gets better.

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