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How To Meet Your Animal Spirit Guide

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The term “Animal Totem”, actually refers to a Native American or First Nations family crest, many people misunderstand that to mean the same thing as Animal Spirit Guide.So how does one know what their animal spirit is? And what exactly do the animal spirits do?In native culture spirituality, animal spirits are very respected and revered. You hear many people wondering if their pets have souls, and there are so many cultures, and beliefs that believe animals have souls.
The rocks, the grains of sand, the mountains, the blades of grass, the sky, the forests and lakes – everything is said to have a spirit. In spirituality and enlightenment, we all try and grasp the concept of oneness, intertwinement, how when we look at a sunset and realize there are greater powers out there, the feeling of being small, pitiful, weak, making us humble and live in humility, and when we look at our enemies, we see them as simply sick men. When we look at our brothers and relatives the animals, we see the winged ones, the four leggeds, the water people and creatures, and many more it would take forever to mention, the insect kingdom, the reptile kingdom, the magic animal kingdom – those animals of legend. When we look at animals in their natural environments, we believe we can learn much from them, about their ways, and they can teach us many things… and how to live in a balance. We also believe that animals and humans walked and lived together in the olden days.

Each Animal Spirit has amazing gifts, powers, medicine… magic and meaning. Often times our main animal spirit will closely represent who we are, and our life journeys.

It is usually easy to tell which animal is yours. It is not something you can just choose, but you are chosen. Thankfully, we often have such a deep admiration or unexplained connection to whichever animal is our main power animal guide. Likewise, the animal you are most repulsed by, and afraid of, is the shadow animal which will stand to teach you many things in your life.

You can always ask any animal spirit to help you out at any given time, with anything. For example if you seek heightened spirituality, heightened intuitive and psychic guidance or wish to talk to the other side, call on owl’s medicine. If you seek a lesson in humility, call on wolf. Animal spirits can offer many things.

You can get down to the art of shapeshifting, the true form takes years upon years to master, but simple emotional shapeshifting, tuning into the animal you seek guidance from, and taking on it’s personality and wisdoms. The same as a child would do, pretending to be a cat, really try to feel and step into your animal spirits shoes, and learn what they have to teach you.

If you have a gravitation towards a certain animal, there is a very high percentage that animal is in your life in spirit.

Another very important thing to look out for – is what types of animals surround you in real life?

For example with me, my main animals are crows and ravens, thus, crows and ravens follow me everywhere, flock around me in town, caw and try and stand between me and the public, and they wake me up in the mornings, tapping on my window. It will be highly noticeable. Your main animals will act very odd around you in real life, and will do things that they do not normally do for most people. For example perhaps you resonate well with dogs and you find dogs that are said to be violent, will act very friendly around you.
Pay attention to everything. You may find a certain type of insect is always around you, yet you never wanted to think of those critters as helpful friends before!
Next, pay attention to when it is they seem to come around and show themselves to you. Is there a pattern?

In all, whenever an animal crosses your way, be thankful for the really amazing sign, and try to figure out what it could be telling you.

1. Ask yourself, or your animal guide, what animal it is.
2. Clear your mind…
3. The first thing that comes to you, will be your answer. The ones after that, it is safe to say, will be your logic mind trying to do the work.

Each animal has different meanings. I would be glad to go into further detail if you have any questions on what the meaning is to the animal you have.


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