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How To Know Your Spirit Guide Is Real

How To Tell The Difference Between Your Mind And Your Spirit Guide

As you become more adept at different ways of spiritual communication, you will be able to notice very solid differences between your mind and what is real, we will cover many of them here.

Do not fear your imagination. Yes it can sometimes get in the way and give you false spiritual experiences, but as we covered before, having a good imagination is important for a spiritual path because imagination is the magical doorway into the unimagined realms. You need to do visualization, relaxation and other exercises that will strengthen your imagination. Meditation is not reccomended for this purpose, for meditation is a Buddhist practice that serves to calm and focus the mind, but in order to speak to your spirit guides, you need a mind that is capable of going anywhere, being an army sergeant to your imagination is not going to help you learn how to go with the flow.

There are some significant ways to tell when it is your ego mind talking, and not your higher self or your spirit guides.

Here are some BIG signs that your mind has interfered and it is not your spirit guide:


Your Spirit Guide is Being Vauge: It is perhaps the biggest myth in the world that all spirit guides are vauge and speak in riddles so you can figure out the lesson yourself. It isn’t true, most spirit guides are more than happy to be of service to you as much as they can be. In fact, most times when your spirit guide is being vauge that is your own fault because you are not understanding what they are trying to tell you.

Your spirit guides are not mind readers, so you have the responsibility to notify them when you do not understand what they are trying to tell you, instead of accepting a vauge, unclear message. You have to work with them and let them know if the way they are trying to explain things to you is not working.

There are times where your spirit guide will withhold information for your best interest, but the majority of the time, their vaugness is due to the fact that you are not asking for clarification in the right ways. Just like any communicaton, spirit guide communication requires good communication skills. So unless your spirit guide has clearly explained to you that you cannot know the answer you seek for a good reason, do not assume they are being vauge for a good reason, you should assume that the two of you are not communicating very well.

You do not have to be a pushover, you can demand answers from them. When it comes to spirit guides, some of them won’t intervene unless you give them permission to.

Your Spirit Guide is Playing Mindgames.  This is the the biggest sign that you are not hearing your spirit guides properly and need more practice. They are not playing mindgames, they are not tricksters or demons, as the channeller you are the tool that translates their message and you have the big responsibility of translating that message correctly. So don’t shoot the messenger!

Maybe they say one thing and then another, the most common experience is that your spirit guide says one thing, your rational mind counteracts it but you think it is your spirit guide still talking, then after you get two completely different answers you ask them for clarification, only to get some confusing answer that combines both statements. It can also start with you mishearing your spirit guide, then they will counteract it with the truth, then afterwards your mind will try to rationalize both answers.

Example of a conversation gone wrong:

Spirit Guide: “I hate you.”

You: “But I thought you said you loved me!”

Spirit Guide: “I do love you!”

You: “Then why did you just say you hated me?”

Spirit Guide: “Because I was angry or – insert excuse here – .”

The only thing you would have heard right in this whole conversation was “I do love you!” Even the very last thing you think your spirit guide was saying, is just your own mind rationalizing why they would have said something so mean. Before you even asked the question, your mind was most definitely already analyzing the situation to try to understand why they would say something like that. When your mind is racing, your spirit guide cannot get a word in edge wise.

When you are busy judging their words, and feeling upset and reacting, your spirit guide cannot get a word in either.

The best thing to do when this happens is just start over and refresh. Simply calm down and say, “I think I misheard you, can we start over and can you try to explain to me what you are talking about in another way?”

You are upset or feeling any kind of human emotion other than love. It is not the time to be trying to communicate, your emotions will just make you mishear absolutely everything. In order to communicate spiritually, you have to clear your mind, clear the slate, open your mind, etc. You have to open your heart too, have 0 judgements, 0 reactions, 0 emotions, be completely passive and distant. Just observe. You cannot believe anything you hear when you are not in the proper state of mind. No messages you recieve are going to be credible. That’s why it’s a spiritual communication, only truly spiritual people can do it, people existing in lower frequency cannot. The good news is that any person can temporarily raise their frequency enough to be able to give it a try, but if you are not some ascended master, you are always going to have to keep your human emotions and ego in check.
You Only Hear What You Want to Hear & There Are Such Things as Stupid Questions. In general there is no such thing as a stupid question, but regarding spirit guide communication, there really is. Most of us really have no clue what we need to know and only ask what we want to know. This will continue to keep us in the dark, because our spirit guides are so busy answering meaningless questions, they will not intervene to answer the questions you should be asking them. You will experience this, trust me. Maybe one day you will finally ask a good question and you will witness your spirit guide celebrating and they will say, “Finally! About time you asked me this!” You will probably get mad and say, “well why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” And they will say, “I tried to, but you only hear what you want to hear!” And that last line is the biggest truth in all of spirit guide communication. You won’t hear anything if you aren’t open to it. People even have that ability to tune others out and twist around words in real life…

Your Spirit Guide Thinks You Are Funny.  If your spirit guide is staring at you with a perplexed look, or seems amused, or is laughing at you, this is also a big sign that you are acting silly, taking things too seriously, overreacting, getting too emotional and especially not seeing things for how they really are.  Especially if they say amused, “you have no idea who you really are, do you?” Your spirit guides can sometimes undermine how you feel! They are not in your shoes and do not always understand why you overreact about every tiny thing.

Hearing or Automatically Writing Incomplete Sentences. Obviously, when you are not hearing whole sentences or the sentences don’t make sense, it means you are not hearing and/or translating things right.

Hearing Two Answers At Once. This can be your mind, but it can also be a real experience, the way you figure out if it is a real experience is to do some sleuthing. For example, if I asked my spirit guide “Is the sky blue?” in the middle of the night he would say Yes and No at the same time. Most spirit guides might prefer to keep it simple for you, but if you are at a stage where they want you to begin to see more than onesided views, then they may show you two answers at the same time. This is more common for big, profound questions about life. You can take the Yes and No answer to mean Maybe, or that there are truths to both Yes and No. You can ask them to clarify. But if the contradicting answer you get is a ridiculous, and/or a negative parroting answer, that is just your mind.

It Doesn’t Feel Real. This takes some time and experience to be able to understand, but it is fairly easy to sense what is real and what is not. It is good to get a sense for what your mind can be capable of. For example if I were to imagine an imaginary person in front of me, I wouldn’t feel any presence and it would feel empty. An imagined monster is absolutely terrifying but it also makes no logical sense and it even feels unnatural and like it isn’t real. In these times you really have to ground yourself so you can see that difference. Depending on how strong your imagination powers are, you may be able to manifest things that feel completely real, so then you need to come up with a list of personal things that help you tell the differences between each.

For me, being able to see my spirit guides with clairovoyance helps because I can look into their eyes, read facial expressions, and see them use hand language to express the point, so if their words do not match their physical expressions, I know I have misheard something. Looking into their eyes grounds me into the experience just like if I were talking to a friend in the physical realm. When I have troubles hearing what they are saying, I ask for much clarification. I know when I am having troubles now because I have come to know my spirit guide very well and I know what is out of character for him.

If you don’t know what is in character for your spirit guide, go with the basics,  a loving spirit guide will never say anything mean and weird behaviour often means you are not sensing things right.

Accent or No Accent. As you get better at hearing your spirit guides, or even telepathic communication, you will be able to hear their voice and accent in your mind. It will sound completely different than your own voice in your own head sounds like.

Jerky Movements and Unnatural Appearances. When something does not look right you can be sure that you are not grounded enough to be seeing it properly, or that it comes from a very low vibrational manifestation of your mind. They also say that humans who are able to shapeshift into animals will also appear unnatural and will move in very peculiar jerky ways, this is also because of their mind and their inability to imagine what it is fully like to become that animal.

Negative Experiences…


  • If your experience is ever threatening
  • or terrifying
  • or scary
  • or negative in any way
  • the advice you receive makes you feel uneasy or threatened

If you know it is your loving spirit guide, and if you have cleansed your surroundings, you can be 100% sure that is your own mind creating unwanted things. It stems from you, your anxieties and fears, and nothing else.

We will touch base on these things, because it is very common to run into when first beginning to communicate with spirit guides. You hear all the time, of folks who have some unsettling experiences, or misunderstand the information given to them, and immediately blame it on their spirit guides.

If your experience is:

  • Discouraging, or abusive
  • Consists of frightening thoughts or depressing thoughts
  • Or has fear, negativity, anger, resentment, false pride.

This means your mind is getting in the way of open communication, and you are creating hostile events.
Your spirit guides are none of those things. That is your own mind.

Do NOT jump to conclusions that your spirit guide is “evil”. They are not, it is only your own ego mind creating the situation to be threatening towards you. Your own mind can be a lot more scary than you think. Please note, that it is so easy to mistake situations.

If you want to make sure you are protected, and make sure they are loving high frequency beings, make sure to read the chapter called “Opening Up A Meeting Safely“. If you have an assumption they are negative entities bothering you, that chapter will give you guided descriptions and explanations on how to tell the difference properly, and what to do.


This is spiritual information derived from a viewpoint of a loving belief, for purposes of following a loving spirituality. Fear is the lowest frequency out there, which can manifest into very solid things. In a high percentage of negative spiritual experiences, those experiences are not real, and are only our subconscious manifestations of fear.

Fear is the root cause to all negative emotions. For example, fear is the root cause to anger, as anger only comes to exist when a person feels threatened, or any of their personal securities are threatened, or if they are afraid of something. Fear is also the root cause to many physical and mental illnesses, as well as addiction. Fear is promoted in society, by means of the media, brainwashed into its people. Fear is what creates many negative situations in the world. Fear attracts negative events to happen. Likewise, fear is known in spirituality, as being the exact same low frequency as evil. And fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real.

For the purposes of spirit beings, there are two kinds, high frequency and low frequency. Low frequency does not mean “evil” it means the “spirit being” is vibrating and operating on a low frequency such as a four dimensional human frequency, therefore examples of low frequency spirits are humans that are passed on, that have not ascended into high frequency, particularly “ghosts”.  Look around the world and you will also see low frequency in alive people. I will never advise communication with low frequency spirits, not because it is “evil” but because they are not ascended into the pureness of divine love and are not spirit guides. Your spirit guides and angels will be of high frequency, all unconditionally loving beings that work for the higher good.

Most times when people report seeing “demons” it is their own minds manifesting fear, as fear is a mental sickness. It is only their own inner fears and shadows. The sad thing is, fear does truly manifest into things which can take on a realness. But anything manifested from fear is not at all strong enough to exist in the presence of love. All negativity and darkness transforms into light, as soon as it is touched by light and love.

I hereby believe any belief which is situated in brainwashing fear towards people is not a truly loving belief. My higher power(s) are loving and that is all.

Even if you still gravitate towards the illusionary realness that bad spirits are real and are to be afraid of,  please know that the statistics for mistaking said events falsely are very high. What we can create in our minds and manifest from our inner shadows and fears, is by far more terrifying than any possible “bad spirit”, and that fear and that manifestation is inside you, to be accepted and transformed into light. On your spiritual path, you will come to realize the importance of letting go of your shadows, and transformation, harnessing love, and being in the presence of Divine Love. That you do have to accept and love your shadows, in order for them to be released.

That being said, the many consequences of fear can easily be cleansed away!

So if you happen to have a fearful or negative experience, do not be so quick to judge it as bad. It’s probably just your mind.


If you live in fear of negative things, you are existing in low frequency, suffering from fear, anxiety, and that is a mental sickness caused by the mind, which is not a spiritual cause, though ultimately caused by fear, which is a spiritual problem. The best thing for you to do is self work to release your fears, come to the root cause of all of your fears, connect to your higher power and fill the void with love, as well as seek therapy. Fear does have a spiritual cause – the root cause is usually dislocation from Source, feelings of betrayal from Source, but the answer to resolving this is both taking into consideration the mind, and spirit and body. You must take care of your mental health too. 

Whether or not bad spirits exist, they operate on the same low frequency as fear, and both kinds can easily be cleansed away with love. In a situation where you are faced with a fear or a possible bad spirit, you would face it by keeping calm and realizing your inner strength. By taking a deep breath, remaining calm, calling upon Arch Angel Michael, or other high frequency beings to protect you, stay within the divine love of your heart, be courageous, brave, and imagine the situation or object of your fear to be engulfed in a beautiful white light, send it love and positive vibes, think of memories or things that make you feel safe, protected, warm, strong and loved. You can even cleanse yourself and the area, to be rid of low frequencies and negative energies. And you may just come to realize that the situation illuminates itself into what it really is (something positive), that perhaps you had just mistaken your beautiful spirit guide to be something scary. This happens more times than you may think. Our perceptions of things are not always correct, nope, not at all, in fact when you are vibrating on low frequency and in a place of fear, your perception will not be correct ever. Most times on your spiritual path, you will come to times of having to work on your shadows – your shadows will come to the surface as soon as you begin following a sacred spiritual road.

There is nothing in the spiritual realms that can harm you. Nothing.

Many times when people first get into Astral Projection or discovering realms, or even new spiritual experiences that are new to them, they feel vulnerable, rightfully so! It is the unknown, somewhere you have never explored. Naturally the unknown both intrigues and terrifies human minds. The first time people experience being Out Of Body, it feels different. They are used to their human shells protecting them, so they often feel vulnerable. The only real way to overcome a fear of the unknown is to be courageous – just do it, and also by connecting to your higher power, love, and having trust.

 But the truth is, your human soul is more powerful than your body could ever be, and your spirit body harnesses more protection than you can imagine. As long as you can comprehend the possible outcomes you may face, such as the things we have covered, and that they cannot harm you at all, you will be fine. They cannot harm you unless you allow it to, just the same as any negative situation in your life cannot effect you unless you allow it to. If someone says something hurtful to you, you have that choice to brood on it, grudge, or you have that choice to move on. But in the spiritual realms, you have more power than in a real life situation.

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