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How To Hear Your Spirit Guides

Signs, Signs, Everywhere!

Be on the lookout for your spirit guides everywhere around you.

This is part of a free online guide designed to help you strengthen your spiritual senses so that you can develop a strong relationship with your spirit guides and angels. Your spirit guide will come to you in the best way for you, and you will be natural at whatever way comes to you, it could be clairaudience, clairvoyance, you might feel them brush against you or give you a hug, and you might even smell something.
After having asked your spirit guides a question, which was covered earlier, pay attention to life around you, and all the signs and synchronicity that unfolds. Look for signs in everything, and be open minded. When you really get deep into looking at everything this way, it will truly astound you, the synchronicities in life, and just how things are not coincidental.
You may receive your answer right away – or it may take a few days to come to you.
For example, you may hear your answer overheard from two strangers talking near you. You will just know.You may be miraculously guided to your answer on the internet, like whoala! You can after all use the internet just like oracle cards.
After asking them a question, you may hear things in your house, or wherever you are at. Pay attention, and listen. The random creaks, and cracks in the house, or other sounds that signify a presence. Observe and pay attention to all of your surroundings and you will find something amazing. Learn to view life like this. Your spirit guides can intervene and send you amazing little miracles, like sending a message to you on a commercial on television, or anything you can witness.

Perhaps, a type of animal, or bird, or insect, is always around you, or perhaps one of those critters passes you by to give you a sign.

Your spirit guides can communicate to you in countless ways! All YOU have to do, is listen.

Communication through music:

A fun way of hearing from your spirit guides

Upon having asking your spirit guide something, you open your mind to pay attention to all of your surroundings, looking for signs of all kinds. One of these things, and one of the most fun ways to receive answers, is when you turn on the radio, and the song speaks to you.Upon hearing this song, you will know (just have this heart knowing) that it was meant for you to hear, and even the lyrics of the song can speak to you. They will hold some important answers or news. This is one of the coolest ways to invite your spirit guides into your life. They can easily bend reality to have the next song be a song for you and your ears only, and you better believe it 😉
You may want to even practice with this experiment. The next time you are driving in a car and the radio is on, really truly, deeply, ask your spirit guides, out loud, or in your mind, to devote the next song that comes on to you. Ask them a question you want answered perhaps, and it will happen. You may even want to keep an I Tunes playlist of all your “spirit guide songs” and really spend some time on google looking up and reading the lyrics.
As you can tell, spirit guide communication can happen through your environment and if you are open to receiving your answers you can sense them anywhere.
In the last chapter we covered the four main senses that you can sense them with. In the next chapter we will focus on our first easy lesson to have a real conversation with your spirit guide.
If you want to know how to meet your spirit guide then you have come to the right place, subscribe to Stellar Beam for updates and check out my whole series online guide on How To Meet Your Spirit Guides for easy steps and lessons and feel free to message me any time if you need support.

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  1. Melven Belt

    I know my guides are with me but I feel Im just not in the right tune to hesr them as I wish. In my personal synchronocities I receive they always say listen to your intuition,listen to the instructions.I cant hear the instructions if I could I would do.But i cant hear them and its gets frustrating because I dont know what else I can do?Love and Light

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