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Ascension Symptoms and DNA Changes 2014


This is chanelled information, so as with everything, be discerning.

There will be future DNA and cellular/molecular changes in human and animal body structures due to evolution and us arriving in new dimensions, some of these changes are already begining to happen, some symptoms of this physical and spiritual evolution have been evident for a few years. Some of these physical changes are going to change the medical system and will baffle scientists. There will also be physical changes to the earth.

The trinity of living beings on earth, the earth, and the ley lines that connect us to galactic time are all connected, which is why everything is changing at once.

Why does ascension cause physical symptoms?

There are various reasons as to why it prompts physical symptoms to come to the surface – some are due to a detox or cleansing effect, some of it has to do with physical reactions to emotional and mental stress, as the energy bodies line up and the person becomes more connected to their spiritual gifts they will experience all kinds of unpleasant physical symptoms because they may not be in balance at first and these ascension waves can come on very strong. Letting go and releasing of psychological shadows, negative emotions, unpleasant childhood memories and resentments is very important globally in this time. People will feel the need to escape from things that no longer serve them and will likewise feel sicker the more they surround themselves around unhealthy things. These feelings should come on very strong, like a sudden need for change or a sudden discontentment for ones career, but if the person is especially tuned off to their feelings, it will manifest in nausea and other sicknesses as the body tries to let them know something is amiss in their lifestyle.

Sicknesses will manifest stronger at this time because people all over the world are literally being forced to cleanse their bodies along with the earth – not because of radiation or cancer any other thing that people fear – but because people are being forced to pay attention to their bodies and make better lifestyle choices. They will be forced to realize that they are connected to the earth and what they put into their bodies effects the whole world. It’s not that people won’t be able to eat unhealthy foods – quite the opposite (however you will get sicker now because things are magnetizing) because due to the toxicity of the environment right now, your bodies are changing to withstand toxic environments, the same as what is happening to earth as it is cleansing itself.

People put too much fear and worry in the pollution they created for the earth, or the damage they are doing to their bodies, but the truth is all of this is healing.

As the frequencies change and the grid and earth come into alignment, people will be experiencing all types of symptoms. These lists are never complete for that reason. Every person is unique and will experience different things, but the general thing that will happen is you will end up going to the doctor and your symptoms will be unexplained.

The most common symptoms will be:

Shortness of breath – as your lungs adjust to higher frequency, chest area may feel pressure, heart center expands, the heart chakra will grow, this can create flutters in the chest area and even tightness. It can cause lung problems and emphysema that medical professionals will not be able to cure, but that will lessen as you ascend.

Kundalini awakenings – this creates all types of flu like symptoms, migraines and feelings of pressure and vibrations, as well as fiery lightning through the glands. Do not try and stop these symptoms. The best thing to do is relax, rest, and meditate a lot to ease yourself through any discomfort.

Tinglings, and nerve problems in hands, feet, legs and neck. Nerves are going to be sporadic and cause stange unexplained injuries in people because of energy imbalances in the body.

Lower back pain is usually caused by imbalances in energy. Do not try and correct energy imbalances, they are needed as your body adjusts to higher energy flow. Sometimes your body creates blockages when other parts of your body is not yet ready to take on higher energetic flows. This is a neccessary part of the process. A lot of people will try and feel the need to go to reiki healers or psychics to help them release energy blockages, but this could just make it a lot more uncomfortable for the person. It is best to go with the flow and let the energy balance itself out.

Sharp pains in the spine or lower back can also be caused by your consciousness or soul removing itself from your body, which may happen the more spiritual you become. You may also wake up with excruciating back pain because of this reason.

Throbbing pains that are unexplained can be caused by energetic blockage.

 Feeling sick to the stomach, often accompanied by a feeling of wooziness, dizziness or motion sickness without movement – this is caused by the need to let go of your current reality. Energy is moving too fast for you. To ease through this, you must ground yourself and take a walk in nature. Places in a higher alpine area may cause you to feel disorientated because energy is higher in higher places.

Tiredness and lethargy – you are not handling the new frequencies very well and need more rest. This can also be solved by grounding oneself more and being in nature. Also, remember to drink plenty of water to cleanse your body.

If you have lots of energy, that is a good sign that you are taking in the new energies very well.

Sleep changes – caused by energy changes and shifts.

Feeling emotional, angry, ect – as you become more spiritual, your shadows will come to the surface to be let go of

Skin Changes – Rashes, excema and skin legions that are unexplained can be caused by the body detoxing as it changes. Also, skin is becoming tougher and more durable to protect people from outside toxins.

Suicidal thoughts or intrigue for death – This is one of the more later stages of ascension where you connect with the sacred element of death and learn a lot.

Nausea waves

Phases of needing a lot of food – People are going to need to eat a lot of fuel to provide extra energy, as all the energy will be used for their body changes. Depending on what is changing in your body, you will go through phases of needing extra nutrients from certain foods at different times. Your body will be craving more of things, sometimes you will crave abnormal amounts of certain foods. Do not fear weight gain. If you aren’t eating enough food, you are going to be slowing down the DNA change process so make sure to eat lots.

People are going to begin to eat very differently than they used to. This new way of eating will surely befuddle scientific and medical communities who are typically against overeating.

New Organs Growing – 

This will be happening to more people as they pass the 12th vibration.

(This part was directed to me as I am past the 12th vibration and am experiencing the organ changes.)

What is happening to you is not happening to many others, you are past the 12th vibration and your genetic codes are assimilating into a line.

You’re conscious of your soul here and in other places, so you’ve recognized the fragmentation that which makes up the DNA human experiment, and you know that time is reversing and cyclical.

More amino acids are needed as your body generates new tissue cells that are deep in the adipose cells, this cell memory is releasing old DNA code marks that awaken the cells deep in these tissues.

The amino acids are moving around and are needed in the repair, building and creation of new cells that are creating new cellular structure in the body, and throughout the skin and organs.

Your cellular structure is changing, and your internal organs are changing. This means your body is in need of even more protein and amino acids that are found in meat, bones, blood and milk.

It is not plant sources that you need, it is animal sources, because they have DNA similar to yours, and life force, if you can ingest those tissues found in meat and an ingredient called prolactine in milk, you will be able to help speed up the process of cellular repair and growth.

Your internal organs had already been close to shut down so the process of regeneration has happened faster for you than everyone else, along with the frequent ice swims you do. The cold sped up the change in your organs because your blood was forced to relocate into inner areas. Luckily, you can now speed up the recovery and they have been able to build and change.

The kidneys need to be flushed out with even more water in order to eliminate urea, from eating excess meat.

Drink pure cranberry juice and lots of water to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Detoxification on a large scale is going to take place.

Meat is going to reflect your ancestry urges and create a new cycle of evolution. It will change your digestion, as you’ve already seen. ***

*** Eating red meat raw has sped up my digestion, and makes me very hungry after eating it and has relieved my IBS.

Meat will stimulate the cleansing process, because unlike what many health professionals believe, meat is a clean food that quickens the stomach, energizes the spleen, is digested very fast and cleanses the bowel.

You will get hungry for more red meat, sometimes extreme hunger, because red meat has vital nutrients, this means you have been lacking in these nutrients and you need them. What happens is as soon as it is digested, which if you are progressing fast, it will digest fast and the meat nutrients will disperse to all areas the body needs them as soon as possible, the body will use them up right away.

Normally in the past, people didn’t need much protein to repair their muscles, but now there are very hidden but large changes going on in the stomach tract, liver, kidneys, heart, spleen, the skin and in amino acid changes, and in all the tissue cells that make up the body, even the bones, the eyes and the teeth will be needing more for new growth. There are mild changes happening for people all over the world that call for the need for more protien. These much larger changes that you are going through require more protien then you can probably eat.

It may not seem doable, but as your organs are changing, you should be existing on a diet of mainly red meats because that’s the only thing that will help build them. Normally it would be dangerous for humans to switch over to a diet so extreme, but your body needs it right now. People who are not going through organ changes should not be eating this much meat. But you can afford to be eating about 5-6 pounds of steak a day.


It is always best to listen to your body of how much meat you need to eat. YOU should have at least one serving of meat every few hours.

If you just give yourself meal time dumps of big meat, you’ll find you will get hungrier because you’ll be starving your body systems of their needed protein and it will ultimately take your body much longer for it to get through this process.


You are not allergic to milk or protein. The eczema is a result of mild infection and inflammation being flushed out due to the presence of the amino acids and your body now being able to work harder to release toxins.

The eczema will go away in time.


Water Retention. Water retention is a much-needed thing! Anyone who tries to get rid of it is foolish! It is a plus, because now that you have water stored near the epidermis you have the ability to flush out toxins, not just in the lympathic system, but also all over.

Your skin is changing and growing thicker, and stronger. The cold swims are also helping to strengthen your skin organs and cells, but they also need adequate protein to grow. Don’t worry, thicker skin is a good thing and will make you even healthier. You will notice less skin imperfections. Your skin will become thick enough to be able to protect itself from outside toxins, such as chlorine in swimming pools and other offenders in the environment. Right now your skin is already thick enough to create a barrier to protect you from the chlorine levels at the pool. It still has some work to be done.

Water retention is there to assist in the changes happening in your body. It’s not just helping with skin, but also the fatty tissues, muscle tissues and bone tissues because despite what many people do not realize, the water is full of plentiful nutrients and this soaks into the areas that need it most. Water retention helps to heal areas.


The only way to get rid of it is to be gentle on yourself and do things to help speed up the process. You must eat enough meat and drink a lot of water, or it will slow the process down if you don’t.

Try not to overdo it with vegetables or extra vitamins, because your body is going to be taking in so many needed nutrients from the meats. I’m not telling you not to eat vegetables, I’m just saying, it shouldn’t be overdone. As your organs are changing, you don’t actually need to pay attention to vegetables as much because vegetables will just cause excess cleansing and detoxing in your body which is already happening in large amounts, and you don’t need that interfering right now.

Try to give your body lots of rest. If you don’t, you’ll be tricking your body into using all those nutrients and all its hard work to repair your muscles from all the working out that you do and it wont be able to get around to working on your organs.

Your injuries taking a lot of time to heal is natural too, and it is also your bodies natural cue to SLOW DOWN and take it easy.

Most people might be tired, but you have high energy. High energy is a good thing. It means you are connected to all the energy light around you and you are taking it in very well compared to everyone else. It means energy is flowing through you well. You might be hyper but going and going all the time might hinder your progress creating unpleasant blockages. Even though you feel energetic, you need to try and rest sometimes. And I don’t mean rest as in lazy. I mean rest as in connecting to a state of passion, so do whatever makes you passionate.


Protien will also help regulate hormonal imbalances.


Don’t stop working out. You need muscle mass to help speed up the process, because your muscles attract amino acids and more water and help to regulate many things in your body systems.

Why is my blood pressure high?

Because your heart is changing. High blood pressure is not a bad thing. Many medical professionals have mistaken a higher blood pressure to correlate to health issues, but that really depends on the lifestyle.

You are a fit, healthy person. Your heart is literally growing in size, and it needs more blood pumped to it, in more volume and less time than usual.

Oxygenated blood is needed to create a better flow for organs.


Why do I feel like I’m decreasing in Age?

You are. Your body is literally reversing the age process and you will begin to notice this psychologically and emotionally as well. Right now, your body cells are about the age of 17 even though you are 25.

How do I support this? To support this, be kind to yourself and do what you are doing. Allow the young you to come out. Be who you are. It won’t be as evident to you as you didn’t have any signs of aging but it would be very evident to people who used to have signs of aging. They will look many years younger.


Life expectancy… is going up. This is very good news for people who are afraid of aging. Most people have a very natural fear of growing old, but we are taught to be okay with old age when for many of us who were incarnated in the old days, we are used to living for over hundreds of years and remaining youthful.

Aging is decay. This decay is going to stop as we evolve. We are going to be growing immortal bodies. Maybe not exactly immortal right away, but closer to it.


Injuries. Your injuries are a result of many things; number one reason is carelessness when you are working out. Other things are not explainable through the physical.

1. What are we evolving into? 

Humans will grow new organs in the future, and already existing organs will change, such as the epidermis and dermis, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines, etc. These advanced changes are only happening to a few people so far. Some babies are already being born with new organs or different organs and with superhuman spiritual abilities.


Update April 8th 2014:


There is something else that I want to mention. Some of your symptoms could also be explained by Extraterrestrial Experiments, especially if you think you are a starseed or ET Walk In. It may all seem highly unpleasant but the experiments are always to benefit you, even if your body doesn’t always tolerate it so well.

If you experience any of these signs you might have frequent alien visitors:

  • Time Lapses and missing time
  • Memory loss
  • Noticing your surroundings are suddenly different
  • Feeling as if your reality is being manipulated or changed right in front of you
  • Sensing that a presence was just there with you, feeling the after effects of an alien visitation but not quite remembering it
  • Witnessing strange phenomenon around home
  • People around you sometimes aren’t themselves, literally (they are being influenced by something else).
  • Feeling as if people are being forced to stay away from you.

If you have alien visitors all the time, it means they love you, care for you and are concerned for your well-being – you are probably a starseed, which means you are also ET, but in a human body. They have very advanced medical care, and if you are having very weird, sometimes alarming symptoms that show up out of nowhere, this could be the cause.

For example, my weird cold symptoms and strange eye problems are a result of ET influence. They injected something into my body to “stimulate sensory receptors”, this foreign body is supposed to lessen pain stimuli, it was given to me as a result of my injury, but also if I understand correctly, humans in general are entering an evolutionary time where pain tolerance is rising. This means that the more our DNA changes, the more we won’t feel pain anymore, which is good news.

However, I had some complications when they tried speeding up the process for me. Apparently my immune system is too strong for my own good and it is continuously attacking the foreign substance they injected me with, although it is a good thing, our bodies sometimes cannot tell the difference – the immune response can kick in to attack anything it feels is a threat or invader.

I would guess that a huge percentage of the “cold symptoms” that people are feeling now might be simply immune response symptoms to ET injections that are meant to help them out. The thing is, last I spoke to them, there was no quick fix for it, we just have to wait it out until our immune system gets used to it.

The reason my eyes suddenly became irritated, itchy and started growing some weird skin over them was because they used a machine to inject something entirely different into my body, by means of a high-tech flash of light that penetrates through the eyes without using needles, but apparently my eyes are also not cooperating well either.

I ask them to figure out a way to make these experiements less intrusive all the time, but what it sounds like is it is actually my own body and immune system that is overreacting and the only way to get around it would be to lower my immune system, and that would not be a good idea.

They say they are currently working on another alternative but in the meantime I just have to rest. Anyway, I thought I would share this update with you all too.

They may have advanced medical technology, but it doesn’t mean it’s perfect! It explains a lot of weird injuries I’ve gotten too.

Update November 27th 2014: 

Tissue Degeneration


Many people are still not experiencing these later symptoms. My physical body is detoriating and replacing itself with new, better DNA cells. Dead, degenerated cells are removed. New organs, new bones, new joints – this is happening literally and it hurts really bad.

The stage of cellular tissue degeneration is as painful as it sounds. My organ tissues are being regenerated by this process in what seems to be a periodical cycle so as to not overwhelm me with too much pain at once, (this means I can literally be crippled and unexplainable injured one day and super strong and pain free the next) which to my understandiing is not how it would have been without intervention. If they had not slowed down the process of degeneration I would apparently be in a lot more pain.

My intestines were probably the worst problem just because they began detoriating in areas that affected my ability to digest all carbohydrates, including all fruits and vegetables. For a few weeks when my intestines were at their worst, my spirit guide ordered me to live off of nothing but savoury oatmeal. I was allowed to eat all meats and dairy products with my oatmeal but the only vegetables I was allowed during this time frame were apples, mushrooms and tomatoes.

If you are going through this too, you will have painful symptoms that are quite similar to an ulcer, but those symptoms will be medically unexplained. You should treat your degenerating intestines the same as you would treat an ulcer, because the degeneration can cause intestinal inflammation and even open sores. A problem with your intestine should show up on organ screening. You must rule out any other health problems before blaming it as ascension symptoms!

You will also go through strange bouts of vomitting and diarrhea in a cycle, like a reaction to being poisoned. This is because the cells that are degenerated in the intestine are not edible, the body has to expell it. The homeopathic remedy Arsenica Album can help reduce vomitting attacks.

After this period I was instructed by my spirit guide to start eating normal foods, eat more meat, and try to up my food intake and take a supplement, Greens Plus Bone Builder, because I’m not getting adequeate nutrients in what I’m currently eating.

Joint Degeneration 

Because I’m so physically active, this is the second worst consequence of tissue degeneration. I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad for people who are sedentry, because it really just forces you to rest and take it easy. If you were already experiencing unexplained injuries and joint pain, it is going to get a lot worse. Right now I am battling very strange excruciating pains in my body. It literally feels like I am falling apart, and like my joints are being eaten away. One minute it will be in my hip, the other minute in my lower back, the next minute, in my toe, then in my neck.

If you are going through joint degeneration/regeneration, do not do any physical activity that jars the body too much because you will cause injuries, your joints are going to be very weak at this point. Do very light locomotor activity like slow swimming and walking. Strength training is still ideal because as the joints degenerate, muscle will help keep you mobile.

Do not despair! It is a tiring and painful process but after your joints degenerate, they will be built into stronger joints – at the end of the process of regeneration, you will be strong, youthful and like new. You’ll find that it goes through cycles. It is not arthritis or injuries, you’ll find the most used joints in your body are going to degenerate faster than the others. In the lower back, knees, toe joints, thumb joints, wrists, neck, etc. You will feel all of your joints rebuilding.

Adrenal Glands

Obviously now that your body is going through so much, and especially if you are in chronic pain, it will most likely overtax your adrenal glands. Tulsi Tea is a good thing to drink to balance out the adrenals. Make sure to rest a lot. Make sure to eat lots of food because the danger of having out of whack adrenal glands means not eating enough will make you fat. Do not skip meals.

Viens Itching or Spasming

All over body itching or pin pricks that might seem similar to an allergic reaction immune response. You may also experience sharp pin pricks or miniature spasms that feel like they originate from your viens, which makes your skin itchy. To get rid of this, simply drink lots of water, after the second time you urinate the symptoms should lessen. It’s not a yeast infection, fungi, bed bugs, (even if you have these things, you will know this itching is different) it’s something to do with blood circulation. All I know is drinking water helps.

Detox? I have gone through cycles where I am advised to detox, but right now is not one of those times. Liver detox capsules I took recently gave me intestinal bleeding. My spirit guide told me not to do anything to cleanse right now because my body is seriously degenerating and most detox methods will interfere and harm the areas that are degenerating.

Skull Expansion 

Some people are experiencing Skull Expansion, their skulls are getting bigger, this causes them a great deal of pain and migraines.


I can’t stress the importance enough that people learn to speak to their spirit guides during these times, so that you know what to do for your body.

My naturopath has been very helpful, there has only been a few times where she has given me remedies that my spirit guide does not agree with. I really do think you should continue to see your naturopath and doctor during the worst physical symptoms.

I found Bowen Therapy especially soothing. She gave me things to help my digestion along too, simple things like enzymes, fibre, probiotics, those things do wonders. Things like L-Glutamine can actually help your intestines in the regeneration process, not that you need it, but it can give them a little extra boost.


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  1. Alyssa Brightmoon Nock

    I am feeling it all over. Thank you for the confirmation. :-)

  2. design your own t-shirt

    Fantastic post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate
    a little bit further. Bless you!

  3. Robyn Shay

    i am so frustrated. I forward these sites to many people. All are “blind”. i love my biological mother more than she could ever imagine. She will not open anything I forward on emails. I showed her these ascention symptoms in person. she would only read a couple of paragraphs before stopping. she would read no more. she continually states that I am listening to false prophets and will not open her mind to the truth. I FEEL TOTALLY ISOLATED AND ALONE. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. THE WORLD THINKS I AM CRAZY. I KNOW BETTER – I AM NOT. How do I find others like myself? I am a starseed. PLease help.


    1. Sabrina

      As you walk a higher path, being a good person, it may lower your spirit to see all the badness around you. You must have faith and remember that you are here for a reason. Admist all the pain and lonliness you feel, remain in hope that things will get better.
      You may not get any thanks for the good you do for others. The more good things you do for them, the more they might hate you. That is just how it goes.
      The more truth you speak, and the more good you become, the more the darkness will try to bring you down.
      Surely, we aren’t following the good road for selfish reasons or to get anything in return?
      Still, you might feel alone, disrespected and underappreciated. You do so much for everyone else and never get anything back.
      More and more as you ascend, it feels like you are surrounded by crazy, evil people. And you are, there is no doubt about that. The rest of the world is in chaos and these are times of great tribulation, dark times that will test your faith.
      You are NOT alone in spirit. When you feel alone in physicality, turn inwards and seek your spirit guides and higher power. For these are dark times where you will probably not find comfort in other people. The world is at war, in its darkness and delusions.
      Other people will drag you down into their own illusions, they will trick you, and they will decieve you, for they are full of chaos right now. You cannot trust anyone but yourself, your loving spirit guides and your higher power in these times.
      Most humans alive right now will not understand you. They will try to tell you that you are crazy or wrong. Stay away from them – you do not need them in your life, as much as you think you do.
      No one said our missions here were going to be easy. That’s why we have so much support from our guides and spirit guides, as we are being asked to endure this temporary lonliness.
      If you want my answer to your question – how to find others like yourself? You can try joining the starseed forums, or you can accept the fact that there are no others like you. There is nothing wrong with being individual… different… with an important and unique purpose to fulfill. I tried so many times to find like minded individuals – it never worked out. Then I just realized that’s not why I’m really here, and the reason im not like many other people is because what i am is rare. It’s not so depressing when you learn how to get along with other people despite your differences.

      You can’t force people to change. They are exactly where they need to be. Forcing someone to believe in what you believe in, is preaching, and that is wrong. You can compile all the spiritual information you know on some website like I do, and then just leave it up to people to find it themselves and to read it when they are ready to read it.
      Otherwise, it’s pointless trying to shove something down someones throat.
      If your family isn’t there yet, just have patience. They will catch up.

      Believe it or not, but if you are truly a starseed, so are your family members, they just aren’t at the same level yet, and you would be surprised what beliefs and/or psychic abilities they are keeping from you and probably trying to be in denial of in their every day life.
      Starseeds and walkins come in groups. Sometimes even your pets are ET’s that you love. You are never here alone, even though it may sometimes feel like it.

      Over time, the ignorant ones will wake up. But you can hinder their process by interfering and forcing them to know what you know. Try to have patience with them in the meantime.
      Try to have patience with the entire world for now. The world is in chaos… we really need to just wait it through and keep our light shining bright no matter what comes our way. Keep strong, have faith and courage. Things will get better soon enough.

  4. Sabrina

    Thought I would do a quick update in the comments this October 12th 2015. I want to make a quick note about House Ascension Symptoms. As you ascend, so do your surroundings. Most of us will probably spend a great deal of time at home, so that is where we might notice our surroundings changing. You may hear knocks on the walls and all sorts of unexplained noises. Just in case, please do rule out intruders, rats and ghosts (do a good house cleansing just in case there are some spirit beings making noise). If there is no explanation for the noises, it is probably due to ascension and your physical surroundings having to adjust to higher frequencies. Just like your body is changing physically, so do your physical surroundings.
    You might notice appliances and technology breaking, which is another symptom. You might also notice more ET activity around your house, possible portals or star gates opening, hearing and maybe even seeing them around you.
    Use your third eye vision to see them. Benovolent ET’s will not be removed or cleared out via smudging.

    ET’s help with frequency adjustments, so if they are making a lot of noise at night and it is disturbing your sleep, try to make sure you are at home resting during the day so they can do it during the day, and don’t have to do it at night time.
    If you are busy and moving around all day, these things will be forced to happen as soon as you wind down in the evening and will probably keep you up at night (because that is the only time when you are still in your environment).

  5. paul bailey

    Just to let you are not alone going crazy and people thinking your a weird.iam going through this myself and have done since 2003.but its been worse the last year or so.with the constant buzzing in my ears also strange clicking noise.smell of wood smoke.in general symptoms of me.without the ms .numbers popping up all the time much like yourselves ..you are not alone.feel free to add me on facebook.much love to you all x

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